Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sweet memories of my funny baby

Paxton in the bathroom vanity cabinet
after he carefully moved all of Kara's
things to the floor so he would fit

Paxton hiding in the night stand on top
of books and binders
I'm in serious need of a new phone after mine took a dive off the hood of my car and had been run over by several cars before we retrieved it.     Sounds simple enough but I’m terrified I will lose some of Kara or Brian’s messages when I switch so I‘ve been going through them to make sure I have all pictures and videos saved.  In doing so, I have found where Kara would frequently text me the latest picture of Paxton “hiding”.  He loved to hide and play in weird places.
Paxton Playing in the bottom drawer of the stove
Almost too big now and he has
brought his big teddy bear
and favorite fuzzy blue blanket
And my favorite Christmas gift!
He has hidden in the nightstand on top of books and binders at just 15 months old.  It appears that he is crawling in there to sleep.  One of the first hiding pictures she sent was of him hiding in his bookcase he had not yet even started walking and he walked at 8 months old.  I put my favorite childhood poem with it called - what else but… “I’m hiding” and framed one for Kara and both grandmothers.  And the last one I ever received of him hiding was him in the kitchen cabinet with his teddy.

Wearing Daddy's clothes
and shoes.  He told Kara
"I daddy."

He also loved to play pretend.  I have the funniest video of him holding a stick of firewood using it like a cane and walking bent over and slow as Kara tells him to show Nana how to “walk like an old man!”  There is also one where he is “camping out” in the living room after he dragged all of his bed covers and his pillow and made himself a bed on top of the coffee table.  I have a video of him running wild through the house in a dragon costume he refused to take off --two weeks after Halloween.   And he was not opposed to wearing his Papa’s old farm hat and green nail polish!

Paxton trying out Mama's
new Michael Kors Flip Flops
I'd bought her for her 30th birthday
Rocking the red heels!
Trying on hats in Charming Charlie's
Can't decide which color lip gloss
goes with his T-shirt

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