Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brian's journal to Paxton

It seems as if they just take turns at me and that considering that there is so much to try and absorb - I don't feel I will ever get to a better place.  Everything is multiplied by three.

Shortly after the Sheriff's Department released the house to us - my daughter retrieved their phones and their computer.  Hoping to try and find some evidence that what they were claiming could somehow make sense to us.  What she found certainly did not do that.

It was a Journal that Brian had been writing to Paxton since before he was born. His last entry was from June.  None of us knew anything about this little journal but what a gift!

Today's post is going to be an excerpt from that Journal.
Excerpt from Journal written to Paxton Miller by Brian K. Miller.

Ok, big gap here…today is Dec. 2, 2013. We are creeping up on Christmas time and even closer to your 2nd birthday. Time flies if you’re just reading through this. You, my boy, are a whole lotta fun at 2 years old. You are extremely hyper active…but that’s just fine with us. You can literally run for hours without tiring. You love to be outside as much as you can be. It’s sad that it’s winter right now, because you really get annoyed at being cooped up in the house all day.

You have a little girlfriend that lives next door named Alisa. She is 6 years old, but comes over every day its nice outside and asks to play with you.  And let me tell you, you are quite taken with her. We have pictures of you hugging on her. I believe she is the highlight of your day. And she’s a really cute blonde kid. And she is very good with you.
Um…let’s see, you have been talking a lot lately. You are starting to put sentences together. Like-“oh no, what do I do?” You know your alphabet. You can name all the letters even if they are in the wrong order. You can count to 12. You know your colors very well and like to point them out going down the road. We hear what color everything is in the car. You surprisingly know a lot of shapes. You can recognize shapes that you can’t quite pronounce yet, like octagon and pentagon.

You are getting your room redone in the Cars movie theme…shhh, you’re not supposed to know this yet. You love that movie and Shrek.  You also watch “Despicable Me”, and a lot of “Veggie-Tales”. Your mom keeps trying to break your “binky” habit, but I sneak out and buy you a few more now and then. Again, shhh.  You love to have pretend conversations on the phone and you’re very convincing sometimes that there just might be someone on the other end of the line. You love to sing. We can’t quite make out what you are singing, but you seem to know. You love music, and are very outgoing. You speak to anyone you see.

I try to take you outside at night for a walk to get you to sleep as much as possible. That’s your favorite time with me. I just got you to sleep that way tonight. You are a bed jumper. Every time you are in our room, you crawl onto the bed and proceed to try and touch the ceiling with your head. You have tumbled off a few times, but no big damage. We put an air mattress out in the middle of the living room floor for you to play on sometimes. You will take a running start across it and then spring onto the couch flipping onto your head, upside down with your feet up in the air against the back of the couch giggling.

You insist on throwing your diapers away yourself. And you are getting pretty good at going up and down stairs, while holding my hand because I insist. You love your hot wheels cars, and you have so far, about 80 of them. You like to go through your books in your room and read them. You like to let the dog (Minnie) lick your lips as a kiss, then say “oh how sweet”. It cracks me up. And you are very good to her, with the exception of the few times you try and pick her up by her back legs and swing her around the room.  

And you are very close to me and your mom. When it’s time for bed you go lay down pretty good, but insist that I lay down with you, at least for a few minutes. I can’t tell you how much I love that time. I can put all of my daily worries away for that few minutes, and just enjoy you lying right up next to me, sometimes pulling my arm around you as you fall asleep. Definitely the best part of my day. 


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