Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Coincidence? Really?

I turned on the news today and almost passed out as I listened to an almost word for word repeat of the horrific news story that forever changed our lives four months ago.

Police were called to the home of a local family when members of the household did not show up for school and work.

Four members of a family were found shot to death as they slept. All shot with the homeowners gun. According to the news report there was no sign of a struggle. Same county.

In a city of over 4,000,000 people the exact same scenario happens a few miles from my son's home? Coincidence? Seriously? And again ---deemed murder/suicide?

This time the male homeowner was one of their own. A long time veteran of the County Sheriff's Dept. In this case the stepson was identified as the shooter. 

Naturally not the Deputy.

My heart goes out to that family. I know the heartache they live with tonight. And many nights yet to come. At least because of who he is they will no doubt get a more thorough investigation.

My guess is that "why" will suddenly be important. I'm betting a toxicology report is actually ordered this time and maybe even a ballistics test as well and I'm almost sure the GBI will actually get called in to head this investigation.

Hopefully, this family will get some of the closure they need to go on.  Although it won't bring them back, at least they won't be left with the same holes in the story that haunt us night after night.

It's a crying shame that all the county's citizens (and tax payers) lives are not treated with the same level of importance. How can anyone look at that precious baby's face and deem his life not as important as someone else's?

So it may have been easy for them to see how my son, the only grown male supposedly awake in his household, could pick up his wife's gun and shoot a sleeping woman and child.  But how does a young boy take an experienced law enforcement officer's service revolver and over-power an entire household without any resistance? 

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